Located just a few hundred metres from the beautifully iconic town of Hahndorf in South Australia, just 15 minutes from the heart of the Adelaide city, Equine Advancement is the brainchild of Olympic Silver Medalist and Australian Eventing champion Megan Jones and highly respected, innovative and successful businesswoman, Natalie Magnera.

Megan and Natalie have set out to provide a world-class conditioning and rehabilitation facility for the elite equine athlete to the everyday horse.

The dynamic duo take great pride in the safety, professionalism, and results in which their centre provides. Unlike anything else, Equine Advancement is here to revolutionise the way we create the optimal equine.




Equine Advancement

A world-class equine conditioning and rehabilitation facility.

I love our StockGuard fencing. I have seen horses throw legs through fences and not even a hair missing, it's amazing.



Our Individual Approach is a vital part of Equine Advancements approach is our awareness of the individual differences of each horse.

Every horse that enters our facility will have an individual response to conditioning, will be coming from individual and unique experiences and have vastly different histories.

Equine Advancement takes all of these factors into account and many more when deciding the program to suit your horse and the goals set.

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Natalie had entrepreneurial blood in her veins from an early age. Raised in humble beginnings by driven and successful migrant parents, she always strived to achieve the highest level in her professional career.

With over a decade specialising in plastic and reconstructive surgical devices and introducing some of the world’s most innovative products to Australian Plastic Surgeons, Natalie and her husband Adrian sold their business and decided to merge their love of medical and scientific advancement with the Equine world.

After partnering with long-time friends Megan and James, it was clear that South Australia was the best place to build a world-class conditioning facility; and so Equine Advancement was born.



Did you know that Megan Jones is the co-founder of Equine Advancement?

Megan is one of Australia's top event riders of all time.

Some of her achievements include:

    • 2012 London Olympic Team Member
    • 2010 World Equestrian Games Team Member - Kentucky USA
    • 2008 Silver Medal Beijing Olympic Games
    • 2008 Adelaide CCI 4* – 2nd
    • 2008 Melbourne CCI 3* – 1st
    • 2008 Sydney CCI 3* – 2nd
    • 2007 Lakes and Craters CCI 3* – 1st
    • 2006 World Equestrian Championships Bronze Medal - Aachen, Germany
    • 2005 Adelaide CCI 4* – 1st
    • 2005 Melbourne CCI 3* – 1st
    • 2001 Adelaide CCI 4* – 4th
    • 2000 Adelaide CCI 3*- 3rd
    • 1998 Adelaide CCI 3* – 7th
    • Young rider of the year multiple times
    • National Coach of the Year
    • Member of the Next Generation of Coaching Squad for Australia
    • Level 2 National Level Coach and Coaching Educator
    • Winner of the Melbourne International Horse Trials
    • Winner of the Adelaide International Horse Trials
    • Member of the Equestrian Hall of Fame
    • Multiple Eventing Horse of the Year Winner - South Australia
    Leave your horse in experienced hands at Equine Advancement.




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