Located just a few hundred metres from the beautifully iconic town of Hahndorf in South Australia, just 15 minutes from the heart of the Adelaide city, Equine Advancement is a world-class equine conditioning and rehabilitation facility.


109 Echunga Rd
Hahndorf SA 5245


PO Box 737
Hahndorf SA 5245


South Australia


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Equine Advancement

Revolutionising the way we create the optimal equine.

Hydrotherapy is an exciting development in the management of acute and chronic limb injuries. Its natural safe basis encourages its use over a wide range of conditions in accelerating and maintaining repair.



A vital part of Equine Advancements approach is our awareness of the individual differences of each horse.

Every horse that enters our facility will have an individual response to conditioning, will be coming from individual and unique experiences and have vastly different histories.

Equine Advancement takes all of these factors into account and many more when deciding the program to suit your horse and the goals set.

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  • "The Equissage has benefited the ponies enormously. Ponies that previously had little muscle over their backs and hindquarters now look utterly different after sessions with the machine. They are moving freely which in turn it improving their performance on the ground, in terms of both speed and agility."
  • "The Equissage machines have really helped the recovery of my horses. After a week of intense polo two of my best ponies tied up. The Equissage back pad and hand unit were used and they were back playing successfully in two days."
  • “Tendon injuries unfortunately come with performance horses, be it racing, eventing, showjumping or polo. These have traditionally taken a long time to respond and in the first cases of Spa use I saw, I couldn’t believe the rate of recovery with results I hadn’t previously achieved throughout my 35 years of veterinary experience. Trainers who have used the Spa on a regular basis have quickly established that there is a major cost benefit in terms of keeping horses competing right through their training period.”

    — Professor Evan Hunt BVSc MVSc PhD GDip ed Tert MRCVS - University of Sydney Orange, Australia