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For the elite equine athlete to the everyday horse.

I love our StockGuard fencing. I have seen horses throw legs through fences and not even a hair missing, it's amazing.

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Equine Advancement consists of 20 paddocks, 10 day-yards and 8 top-quality stables, situated on a beautiful and pristine 15.58ha property, just out of Hahndorf in South Australia.

Co-founders, Megan Jones and Natalie Magnera have set out to provide a world-class conditioning and rehabilitation facility for the elite equine athlete to the everyday horse. The dynamic duo takes great pride in the safety, professionalism, and results in which their centre provides.

Unlike anything else, Equine Advancement is here to revolutionise the way we create the optimal equine.

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At Equine Advancement, we know that the care and safety of your horse is of the utmost importance.

The Equine Advancement property is made up of highly effective and safe fencing to ensure horses are kept at a healthy & safe distance from each other at all times and that each horse is unable to harm themselves on their own fencing.

We all know horses can be unpredictable, but with fencing like Stock Yard and Horserail, we are confident and committed to ensuring the safety and care of your horse.

"Stock Guard fencing is the safest types of fencing for my horses….We had a massive thunderstorm with lightning one night. My 16.3h thoroughbred had obviously charged into the fence in fear, but thanks to Stockguard, he was totally uninjured, still contained in his paddock and the fence was undamaged."

Since 2005, StockGuard has been providing electric fencing solutions for horse owners across Australia, giving you peace of mind for the well being of your animals.

As one of Australia’s leading electric fencing suppliers, StockGuard products are designed by an experienced horse breeder with your horses’ safety in mind. Our products ensure horses of all breeds can be safely confined.

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Stock Guard Fencing

Horserail is made with patented Horserail technology with premium virgin grade polyethylene and a super-strong steel core, making it a safe, secure, and durable alternative to standard horse fencing.

It is also the longest lasting plastic fencing available in Australia having replaced all other types inc PCV and other plastic derivatives since coming into Australia.


As described by Horserail; 'We are committed to producing and distributing the safest products possible. Our fence rail products and their attachment mechanisms are designed and time tested for safety. We provide specially designed hardware for inside mounting of the fence rail and use new bracing techniques to keep animals and people safe.

Our attachment brackets fit virtually flush with the post, so there is less chance for injury. The smooth-edged, rounded design of the tensioning spooler, coupled with the flexible surface of the rail ensures a safer atmosphere.'

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Horserail Fencing

First Class


The importance of flooring can be overlooked during the design of properties, however, the founders and managers of Equine Advancement have been involved in the design of the property with safety and comfort being paramount from the initial inception.

All rehabilitation and conditioning horses will be looked after and serviced to the highest level, all the way down to the ground they stand on.

Ecoraster is the world’s leading manufacturer of low cost, permeable plastic grid ground-stability and paving solutions. With 24 years in the marketplace with over 15 million m2 installed world-wide, Ecoraster is made from 100% recycled materials, produced in an ISO 9001 certified facility and is rated environmentally neutral.

Ecoraster is the tested and proven solution for developments, construction sites, road shoulders, driveways, erosion control and anywhere a solid permeable surface is needed - in both grid and decorative paver styles. Ecoraster is tough, NATO-endorsed for military applications and comes with a 20 year factory warranty.


All Equine Advancement treatment yards are laid with Ecoraster S50 Flooring.

Tried and tested for equestrian use and recommended by top international competitors, the S50 has exceptional elasticity and unmatched spring comfort for regular, high-stress impact.

Just like a good sneaker for human athletes, a good surface protects a horse’s musculoskeletal system. The Ecoraster S50 provides a springy high-performance equestrian surface.

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S50 Flooring

Fully Enclosed


Equine Advancement comprises of 8 high-end, fully enclosed stables.

Each stable is 4m x 4m bedded with quality rubber flooring, ample off shavings with comfort and safety in mind for our rehabilitating horses, as well as automatic fresh water troughs.

Our stables have been designed to ensure that horses can not come in contact with one another, but can still see their surroundings for peace of mind and again, safety.

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Our heavy-duty equine scales allows for all types of horses from stallions and mares, to foals to be accurately weighed. Scales are a necessity for monitoring a horses condition and are a great performance indicator.
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The Equine Advancement facilities include a 20 metre long Trot Up Track for observation of the animal's gait and limb health.
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